visiting from Germany

On Monday, the 13. April, my girlfriend visited me for 8 days. Of course I have to pick up my girlfriend from Airport. I mean it´s a foreign city in a foreign country. Her flight arrive round about 11.30 pm. It was not the best time I think but it was quite cheap. But now you see the problems and cost to reach the airport of Dublin and return to the city. There is only one special bus line to reach the airport. One trip costs round about 8, 50€. So the total costs amount to 25, 50€. Who cares? The flight was cheap.

On Tuesday after work we made a tour through the city and buy some foodstuffs. There are many impressions you can make in a foreign city in a foreign country. For example the driving on the other side, particularly by crossing the road. Even the buying of food and the cash up is very exciting the first time. You can scan your stuff alone without any personnel.

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