back in germany!

Although it was a very nice time the last two months in belfast, i am so glad to be back in germany. It feels, my little 1room flat is a big luxury suite and i love the view out of my 10th floor balcony. Its nice to see my friends and family again and to eat a german Bratwurst! Its interessting how fast internet can be… and lovely to see my desktop PC.

I will definitely miss to just walk five minutes to work instead of going by S- „animal transport“ Bahn for 90 minutes now 🙁

everyday life incoming…

was it worth it?

Thinking back the last two months in Belfast i remember alot of good and bad things. What gets into my mind first is a really bad and shabby accommodation with no real internet which made this trip really annoying and based only on this i wouldnt recommend this stay to anyone else! BUT…

there was a lot more than that. A lot more new impressions and experiences.

It was interessting working in a foreign company and get forced to speak english. Thats the needed pressure to start to improve your english speaking skills in an active way. Also to see the differences in mentality and culture even if they are small. The nature and landscape was incredible and compared to Berlin the air was noticeable more clean.

Living abroad also means you are cut off from family support and stuff like that.. I am already living for my own in Germany but not that far away from my parents to get some cheep and delicious meals on weekends 😉 It made me more confident and able to stay on own feets and make the best out of any situation, meet new people, arrange and live together with them.


With all that i have to say.. Yes.. it was worth it.

I will always remember this experience and i’m sure it will help me a lot in my future life.. Thanks for this opportunity!