Methods Course „Berlin’s Japanese Foodscape“ 2024: Welcome to the 9th Season

by Cornelia Reiher

This summer semester, the methods course „Berlin’s Japanese Foodscapes“ will once again take place at Freie Universität Berlin. This year, BA students will also be taking part for the first time. As every year, the research workshop consists of a colorful mix of interview exercises with guests from the gastronomy, restaurant excursions and project work. This year, we are once again cooperating with Yoko Kawamura and her students from Seikei University in Tokyo to give our students the chance to experiment with the online interview format. The students will test their Japanese language skills and hopefully gain interesting insights into the eating habits of Japanese students. In the coming weeks, the students will form groups and develop their own research projects on culinary globalization and Japanese cuisine in Berlin. As always, we will document the results of the projects as well as impressions from the excursions and interview experiences on this blog. Stay tuned for updates!

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