still there!

Hey Guys, greetings from Belfast,

sry for the delay of my posts. Ireland, especially Belfast, is so awesome that i forgot to tell you my epic stuff 🙂 but you can looking forward to this week.. i will post every day so you can follow nearly live what happens here 😉


Beside talking english, work looks quite the same here.. im in an office with 5 others.. had to reinstall win7 on a few laptops and update it, and update it, and update it, get some drivers working, install software etc.

Saturday 18.04.2015

On Saturday I met a friend in the City Centre who is also in Ireland at the moment.

First of all I have shown him the City Centre.
We visit various shops and in the evening we watched the film „Furious 7“ in the cinema.

Afterwards we were in Temple bar and visited different pubs.


Friday 17.04.2015

Our job of the last days was it to find a solution of the Cloud.

In the afternoon my colleague of the vocational school and I joined a gym near our work.

We have the possibility to use fitness devices, a swimming-pool and a sauna as well.

All in one, a good alternative after work.


Wednesday 15.04.2015

Wednesday we should pick up some software for our company.
We took it form another company (Lantech) which is located on our way to work.

When we arrived at work we installed the software. Afterwards we should find a solution for the Cloud.

With the Cloud it concerns an easy dropbox solution. The company wishes to have the possibility, to scan bills and other documents with a network-scanner and it should be uploaded in the Cloud directly. The main-reason is, to have access to the files from other locations.

We should also collect group-policies that only selected people has access to selected files.

In the evening we were only at the supermarket and have informed us what we can visit in Ireland.

Monday 13.04.2015

Our first job was it to collect a network plan.
The PC`s of the employees should be in the intended ports (in the ground-boxes).
Afterwards the ports should be assigned at the matching switch.

The phones occurs with VOIP about the PC`s, for that reason the old phones should be removed.
We should write it down and checked if the connections work fine.
Afterwards we have effected local software installations and have got further information about the conversion of the Cloud.

In the evening we have had a look at other places in the city centre of Dublin.