The last two days were really successfully I think. I have try to be a boss and it was ok. We have done all given tasks and learn a lot. The Portuguese Trainees saw and learned a lot and us too. We have set up a server for the student’s which include a fileserver and a monitoring system for all computer in the room. We have shown the Portuguese guys the hardware of a computer and explain the main parts. It was a good repetition. After some time you forgot something. We all have clean nearly 20 computer and check all the hardware of them. You don´t know what kind of dirt you can find in a used computer. We have complete all given task this week and I think it is the main thing. Let´s see what happened on weekend.

On Tuesday in our company are two new trainee from Portugal. In addition my boss in Dublin leave us for this week so we had to teach the two newcomer, show them where they can find anything and show them same basic stuff. Our boss has choose a team leader for this week and selected me. It is cool to be a boss of a group but you also have responsibility for the team and you have to assign tasks. I Think I am a god and fair boss but this job can also be ungrateful. The next days will show it.

hi all


This Friday we went to the headquarter of Facebook again to do what we do every day by Facebook. This day we have the special task to decode a hard drive password. We have manage it with the hddunlocker. It is a great tool to decode a hard drive password. After work is done we play a few games pool and went to the apartments. This was the first day I feel the rain of Ireland. It was no heavy rain but there was a powerful wind. I had luck, all the other rain this time in Dublin I saw through a windows…

On the weekend I do nothing interesting so see you next week