The Weekend

… was quiet calm…

We walked through the city again, looking for some bike shops to maybe buy one and split the costs but 160pounds was a bit to much.

Finally got some Sim-Cards and our holy data volume! In the evening we were a bit lazy and exhausted and we cooked some stuff together and drunk some beer and other things 😉
Our „living-room“ isn’t that big but it seems big enough for 7 seats and one table…

Sunday? Resting!

Belfast looks nice

Greeting from Belfast,

Thursday and Friday me and one other of my roommates got lucky and we got told to start work on Monday. So best time to explore the City and damn we did! Thanks to Apple tracking all data they can get into their fingers it is confirmed we walked 35km in that two days.. yes feets were bleeding.

Belfast is a nice calm town, no massive building and all looks a bit old, but nice.
We are placed near the center of the City, good for sightsseeing and visit shops and stuff like this you know.

We also checked out some pubs to explore the habits of the northern Irish people 😉

The Day Before The Weekend

Friday 10.04.2015

Officially on Thursday (09.04.2015) should be my first working day.
Usually I should work for the company Hybrid Technology Partners.
On this day I get the information that the company be arranged in Limerick (200 km way from Dublin). It was a mistake from the Agency so they have to find a new company for me.

So my first working day started on Friday (10.04.2015) at Origin Multilingual.
I am accommodated with a class-mate from my vocational school in this company now.
In the following next 2 month it will be our task to put files into a Cloud as well as to update the complete network hardware technically.

In the evening we went to temple bar. It’s a district in the center of Dublin and there are many different pubs. Especially Tourists prefer this district. We was at the so-called „living room“ and the „O’reillys“. It was quite more expensive but nevertheless more amusing.


The Guiness Storehouse

Wednesday 08.04.2015

First of all we met us at the Guiness Enterprise center.
There is the office of the agency (Internsplus) which has further arranged us to a different company.
Our contact Margaret Purdy gave us general information about our company and our stay in Dublin.

Afterwards we went to the Guiness Storehouse. It is subdivided into different floors.
You have the possibility to go to the museum, you can craft the perfect pint of Guiness in the Guiness Academy or you can simply enjoy a cold beer.


The First Day

Tuesday 07.04.2015

Due to a delay of our flight, we landed in Dublin at 01.00 pm.
After we had collected our baggage, we were greeted by our driver who bring us to our Appartements. He also give us the main information about our stay in Ireland.
Afterwards we get the Keys of our Appartements.

The rest of the day we use to go to the supermarket and to explore our area.
Dublin is a very small but nevertheless very beautiful town with a total area of almost 115 km².
There is very much entertainment especially for young people.IMG_4849