long weekend..

.. and it rains the damn whole time.. just bad luck with this weather so there was no chance to do something useful outside.

in the evening we went in a pub and played some billiard drink some beer against the bad weather 😉 but it didnt helped much

anyway it was a nice weekend.. we all played some games, relaxed and did some plans for next weekend to finally do something out there regardless of the weather.. lets see what will happen..

the last two day of working were calm. not much to do, so i was trying around with my sql database and php script for the form. we also had a teammeeting and some of my colleagues told about some workshops they were at the last days about teamwork and how to set up a nice working athmosphere. it was quiet interessting and i think i could get some improvments for myself, especially in the topic of motivation during the week.. you shouldnt wait and pray the whole week its getting weekend and stuff like that 🙂

and i have to be honest.. here in Belfast its much easier to wake up go to work and do what you are there for.. its not because of ireland or belfast.. its all about the time i need to get to work.. 7minutes!!! by walking.. compared to nearly 1,5h i need in Berlin to get to work thats so awesome that i cant even find the right words to express myself. you have so much more freetime every day that you are able to do something beside working and you dont have to torture through the Berlin trainmadness which feels like being in a animal transport.