this week i got some PC’s to reinstall. Installing Windows 10 Enterprsie technical preview, some apps and look if its all working fine. It does 😉

Windows 10 is a balance between lovely Win7 and nasty Win8 but i have to say i still dont like it.. i dont know why i should need all those tile design and app system. I’m sure there are some people who will profit from a few new features implemented or just like the new design but for me there is all fine with Win7 and i have no need to get a new interface and layout. Its just confusing and there should be a version for standard desktop or laptop pc’s without touchscreen with the old design.. but i guess it’s called Windows 7 😀

multicultural weekend

Last weekend we did a little multicultural evening with some spanish, portuguese and french people we met through our 8th portuguese housemate and tryed some spirituous mixed drinks together 😉 it was quiet interessting to speak english for hours in my free time. Sure i had to speak many times before but that was mostly some short smalltalk. But i have to say i managed it quiet well and i experienced that „2beer“ astonishingly makes it easier to speak a foreign language 😀 seems its easier when you not always think about every word and just talk 😉

exhausting friday and it took two days of resting this time 😀


as we arrived in Belfast we saw all the hills arround the city and one of them with a little cliff on it. We already said that it would be nice to get up there and so we did it a few days later. The Cavehill is 340m tall and it was a hard trip (at least for me) but we managed to get up there and it was worth all the work! It was an beautiful view and also the weather was the best we ever had.

finally i will show you some pics of this little hiking trip.