Guo An Electronics

Our first upcoming day working in an Chinese company began by waking up at 7am in the morning. We quickly got dressed and went to a French bakery to buy two baguettes for breakfast. The day before we already bought some honey and nutella, that guranteed a tasty first meal of the day. We met with Zhu at 07:50 to walk together to the bus stop, where we met with teacher Chen. They wanted to show/teach us the route we would have to take to get to our workplace from now on.
It was a one hour drive to our new workplace at a firm called „Guo An Electronics“. The company is located on the 14’th and 15’th floor of the JM International Hotel.











The working atmosphere seems nice. Its very bright and the rooms are well air-conditioned. The employees work in a small cubicals, but not as cramped as you see in the movies. We met with two employees Hang and Gong, unfortunately neither of them speak English. That is why the content of our conversation remaineded at a bare minimum. Quickly they set up two cubicals for us, but that was it. We hadn’t really been assigned a task or anything. Everyone was very forthcoming and friendly but lacking a real plan for us. Before lunch a female employee approached us and greeted us with:

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