English Class, Workshop and Gaming

This day did not follow the schedule we anticipated. Yesterday Teacher Chen visited us in our dormitory. He told us that he wishes us to exclusively attend school this week, especially for a workshop he finds suitable for us. We were able to negotiate one day for us to visit our company for the last time, say goodbye. So today we went to school at 08:15. English class was on the agenda. The teacher quickly separated Alex and me for us having more language skill impact on the class, I guess. We had a lot of fun at English class, listening to the students trying their best to squeeze out a sentence or two. Due to exhaustion some students literally feel asleep 🙂


For lunch our new best friend called Jason invited us to eat with him and his friends. We tasted the food of his hometown,“Ji Lin province“, north-east of China. Very delicious as usual, but we could only eat a few bites, because breakfast wasn’t too long ago.


After lunch Lee Xu went with us to show us the route to the workshop five bus stops from our school away. As always we weren’t told a thing and had no idea what to expect. Walking through a street which made me reminisce about Berlin, we entered another branch of our school. Here the students learn practical skills about chip manufacturing, both by manual labor and by machine. The staff gave us a tour and showed us everything in detail, with Lee Xu acting as our translator. Quickly after our tour, we were told to show off our soldering skills. They promised us, if we do good, we will get the opportunity to manufacture, build, wire and solder our own bluetooth speaker together. We were and are exited!

Happy and pumped we met at our normal school with Jason and another student called „Froggen“ to go the Internet cafe together to play some games. The cafe was very comfortable, offered a lot of games and with the best seats and equipment costing 1€ per hour very cheap for our standards.


We ended our trip with eating a lot of dumplings at the restaurant, where we first ate, when we freshly arrived in China. We tasted many different types, with my favorites being pork with corn and pork with leek, yummmmmy.

Now we will play some „Mäxchen“ with our friends, who will leave the school tomorrow morning. Good thing we snapped this beauty of a picture to remember:


Tomorrow, Wednesday, for our last day at our company, Lili will pick us up in the morning. We have something large and bulky to carry with us. Whatever can it be? You will learn about it tomorrow!

Luka-se and Alek-ke-se

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