Shanghai I

Today we said „Goodbye“ to our by now beloved dormitory room, because we will spent the next three or maybe four nights in Shanghai. After the (maybe) last toast breakfast for a few days we took the bus to get to Lili’s home. Her friend Tina, who visited the Summer Palace with us, was so kind to give us the ride to Beijing South Railway Station. We already knew the place since we also left to ZiBo from here. Before boarding the train we met with Kenny and bought some hamburgers to have for lunch later. At 11:10 am the train left with ten minutes delay, still better than in Germany the past days I guess 😉 The ride was quite comfortable, you have a lot more leg space than in a plane or in the Deutsche Bahn. It took a little more than five hours to get to the Shanghai Railway Station. We slept most of the time, but when I didn’t I took at least one photo of the speed the train was driving most of the time.



305 km/h, that’s about ICE speed. 

After arriving at Shanghai the manager of the Shanghai projects greeted us and took us to a car with a driver. In Shanghai not many people own a car, because additional to the car price you have to pay 11.500€ just for the licence plate. We drove to a restaurant and had a tasty dinner.


When our stomachs were filled to the top the driver gave us a little sightseeing tour by car. First we drove along the Bund, the famous riverwalk, and explained a bit about the buildings. Then we drove to the other side of the river where the newer parts of the city are located. Due to the weather the photos we took are not the best ones, but tomorrow the weather will be better and so will be the photos. Nevertheless, have a look:

Than the driver dropped us off at our hotel where we each have a room for ourselves! That’s something new 🙂 And we have a working WiFi, so everything is perfect.

Till tomorrow

Alex and Lukas



2 Gedanken zu „Shanghai I“

  1. What a great journey you have and that as part of your job training – quite unbelievable, is’nt it? Enjoy it and have a lot more of new, your home territory extending insights for your future. Best wishes to you – Andreas

  2. It’s incredible that you had such a wonderful journey and that it’s all part of your professional training. Enjoy it and gain many more fresh, future-oriented ideas on your own territory. Happy New Year to you! roblox doors

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