Last day of work

The days of the last things have come. Today we had our last day of work and our last lunch at work. I still remember the first day of work and the first lunch, time flew away here in China. After lunch we had a final meeting with Lili, Kenny, Tina, Johnny and Winder where we gave our presents to them and also received some. We talked about our stay here in China in general and also specific about all the things we did with the company. All these things they did for us, the visits of the construction sites, where we could get a deep look inside their work and planning, the trips to Shanghai, Hangzhou and ZiBo, the countless delicious meals we had together and the general hospitality amazed us again and again. We also took a nice group picture:

top, left to right: Winder, Luki, Alex, Kenny, Johhny. bottom, left to right: Tina, Lili, we don’t know, we don’t know

Then, Lili, Johnny and Kenny drove with us to the Sanlitun village to visit a Bang & Olufsen Experience Center. The Sanlitun village is a area where a lot of foreigners go for shopping and to eat, so it’s more like a big open shopping mall. At B&O we could test some of their headphones and had a small presentation of their surround system. Afterwards we visited some nearby car showrooms of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini:

For dinner we choose a restaurant called Blue Frog inside the Sanlitun village. Since today was Wednesday they offered steak with a soup and a glass of red wine for about 30€. At the Sanlitun are a lot of restaurants which offer European food and we were not sure which one we should take, but in the end it was definitely the right choice. The hole meal was very delicious and we finished with some cocktails.

That’s it for today, tomorrow we will start building our own Bluetooth speaker at the workshop 😀

Alex and Lukas

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