The Day Before The Weekend

Friday 10.04.2015

Officially on Thursday (09.04.2015) should be my first working day.
Usually I should work for the company Hybrid Technology Partners.
On this day I get the information that the company be arranged in Limerick (200 km way from Dublin). It was a mistake from the Agency so they have to find a new company for me.

So my first working day started on Friday (10.04.2015) at Origin Multilingual.
I am accommodated with a class-mate from my vocational school in this company now.
In the following next 2 month it will be our task to put files into a Cloud as well as to update the complete network hardware technically.

In the evening we went to temple bar. It’s a district in the center of Dublin and there are many different pubs. Especially Tourists prefer this district. We was at the so-called „living room“ and the „O’reillys“. It was quite more expensive but nevertheless more amusing.


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