used all our volume :(

We have allready used our 20GB internet data volume 🙁 although the bandwith sucks a lot.. we are investigating who or how that could happen.

And yes we cant really complain about this SimCard wlan hotspot thing we get internet from and we cant really complain about having only 20GB volume. Because actually they did something to give us internet. we complained and they „solved“ it, complaining again because we want more? i dont know if its my german attitude that sais no?

but to be honest.. we are all computer scientist (yeah my translating website said this 😉 sounds funny doesn’t it) and it should be clear we do more stuff in the internet than checking emails or write this blog.. yes we got told the living standards are different and we cant expect the same as in germany.. but a cable based internet connection without volume shouldn’t be that high standard, given that germany is on the nearly end at the list with build out network infrastructure. We also live near the university!

But well if i remember right, they told us, they cant get a 2 month only contract with the local provider.. well i would say thats not our problem but… it is!

Dont know how they handle this with all the other people arround here..

if its the same.. sry but thats poor!

anyway.. we all bought our own sim cards with data volume to get more of it.. and i dont think something will change the next 5 weeks but for the future they should definitly find a better solution.

Oh and next month we get new 20GB so we are not that doomed 😉


Today we’re chilling and resting. Bye.

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