Our easter

Early in the morning Zhu & Lee waited for us to head into town together
and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Not far away from our College we entereda very small restaurant and were told to eat donkey.
The dish consisted of a small soup and bread with donkey meat:


All in all the dish was quite delicious. A little bit greasy,
but tasted interesting and fresh.

After our donkey breakfast we headed towards the subways station
to travel to Tiananmen Square. At the entrance of every subwaystation
is an extensive security check, more thorough than at Tegel-Airport,
which is a pain and really time consuming.

We tried to enter the national museum as well as the forbidden city,
but both were that heavily crowded due to the Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day),
that we decided to try another day and only take a look from outside:


kunst stadt


Instead we headed towards the wangfujing market. After a quick detour at McDonalds,
we were prepared to enjoy the culinary delicacies Peking has to offer.The highlight was scorpion on a stick, which died on the grill before you own eyes.

skoprion_axel skoprion_luki

The taste was interesting to say the least, but all in all it was nothing one would miss.

Lee, Zhu, Alex and I ended the day with having dinner together at a small restaurant nearby.
I had handmade noodles with „meat“, which later, because I complained about the
indistinguishable rotten smell, turned out to be intestine…

From donkey, to scorpion, ending at intestine – nom nom.

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