The day of improvements

Today was a really great day, because we now have a fast and stable internet connection in our room! And we did some other improvements to our room the last few days.

But first things first. As usual we started early in the morning and met with Li & Zhu to eat breakfast. A teacher from yesterdays meeting saw us and recommended some food for us, so we tried what she said. One thing was a bread wrap with a small slice of scrambled eggs and some vegetables inside (maybe cabbage sticks, but we are not sure). The other one was a soup with tofu parts inside. The bread wrap was good, but the soup, especially the tofu parts were not very tasty.

We then headed to our first lesson of the day, which was math. It was not like the math lessons back in Germany, because everyone was working on a PC using a software to solve the problems. We were also able to use it and got the right answers, but we did not really know the math behind it. And we were not sure if all the pupils knew. He for sure didn’t:



The next lesson would have been Chinese, but instead we had a meeting with the director of the school, Mr. Zhou. He gave us some information about the company we will be working at. The name of it is „Gou An Electronics“ and we will go there by bus. On Tuesday will be our first day there. Mr. Zhou then asked if we had any problems or questions, so we asked for something like a heater to get our room warm, because it was getting quite cold inside. Now we have a electric control for the air condition in our room and we can heat with it (we are not sure about the perfect settings, but we will find out). To understand our next concern, I first have to explain the old WiFi situation. In our school dormitory there is a WiFi free to use, but only from 5 pm to 10 pm. That means that at this time every student tries to do something on the internet and the speed is awful. We are happy that we could write some blog entry with pictures, although the network was slow as fuck. But now after we asked for something better than this, we have our very own LAN-cable into our room. The network teacher just came around, put the cable through the wall and connected it somewhere. With a small router I brought with me we now have our own fast WiFi 🙂 during 5 and 10 pm it is still a little bit slow but it’s way better then before.

The other improvements are:


A better mattress, because the old one (grey/white) was very thin. The ground on which we sleep is made from metal and with the old one it was not very comfortable. But now we sleep like kings!

We also bought chairs with back rest, the original ones did not have such thing.


So now our room is very well equipped (compared to the other cells, ehm rooms), and we are looking forward to a good stay here.

For dinner we went out on our own and had a quite cheap and tasty meal.


Till tomorrow

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