work is work 2…

Wedsday to Friday i got a new task. I finished my laptops and now have to set up an online form for staff member to register their emails. =/ HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascrip, JQuery is what i’m speaking now 🙂 I’m no programer and just have some basics in all off it, but i will try to do my best and after the first two days i could get some scripts working, that was very nice and i really start to like it.

Lets see if i can learn something more next week 😉

Friday, the weekend starts.. lets do something? yes.. we went out into a big bar with serveral floors. On one of them we played billiard and grant us some beer. it was a relaxed evening.

work is work…

Hi and greetings from Belfast..

Monday and Thuesday… installing software and Windows updates, set up some driver and set the right User and their rights. We also got a new Dell PC with all Hardware build in to the Monitor with Touchscreen. We installed Windows and looked up if all the drivers are working.

After work its  mostly quiet calm, we sit in our living room and drink a beer and talk and make some dinner togehter.

Monday at work we have the task to build a windows 7 install file included all current update. If you install a new Windows 7 system you have at least 150 important updates. To install a couple of pc it is still to cope to download this but when there are ten or more computers you get problems. So we build the ISO file to save the traffic and a lot of time. And in the next time we upgrade this windows 7 installation with extra drivers or other stuff but that is for the future…
This job take a lot of time. Two whole working days we spend on this to build it on different ways, testing which is the best of them and to try it on different hardware. The result is a windows 7 installation which take nearly the same time than a normal installation but within updates. It´s great and very adaptable.

Last Friday we went to the headquarter of Facebook again to erase the hard drives. After work is done we had a tour through the house with an employee of the IT department. It was really nice but I can´t reveal details. Privacy, you understand. In the evening after work my girlfriend and I went to the sea. I don´t know there are ebb and flow so we have the luck and don´t see the water. Also a walk through the mud flat is very great.IMG-20150422-WA0006

Way to work

On Wednesday and Thursday nothing really exciting has happened so I can tell you a little bit of my way to work. I´m housed in Lad Lane Apartments in the south of Dublin, like you see it at the map. I have to go to the industrial in the north of Dublin. So every working day I go a little bit more than 6 km to work and in the evening back. You think it is a long way? I think it is OK. You get used to it. The bus ticket is expensive, roughly 120€ a month. So I walk and safe money 😉

visiting from Germany

On Monday, the 13. April, my girlfriend visited me for 8 days. Of course I have to pick up my girlfriend from Airport. I mean it´s a foreign city in a foreign country. Her flight arrive round about 11.30 pm. It was not the best time I think but it was quite cheap. But now you see the problems and cost to reach the airport of Dublin and return to the city. There is only one special bus line to reach the airport. One trip costs round about 8, 50€. So the total costs amount to 25, 50€. Who cares? The flight was cheap.

On Tuesday after work we made a tour through the city and buy some foodstuffs. There are many impressions you can make in a foreign city in a foreign country. For example the driving on the other side, particularly by crossing the road. Even the buying of food and the cash up is very exciting the first time. You can scan your stuff alone without any personnel.

hi there..

Greetings from Bealfast!


On Saturday we went out to hike up the cavehill. It was an exhausting trip but it was also worth it. The view was breathtaking! At it was.. how i say this.. untouched natur, just some trails to work through the woods and on top you could stay with your toes at a 50m cliff without any barriers and this was very nice. In Germany you would have all those security arrangements or even worse.. a tourist attraction lookout with payment to watch the view..

Had a nice muscle ache and Sunday as always… resting!

Tuesday 21.04.2015

On this day we installed local software on the computers of the existing test environment.

Afterwards we thought about to backup the existing data from the server which should be copied in the dropbox later.
First we needed access to the server. We checked the size of the data on the server and discussed which data are still used in the future. This took the rest of the day.

Enclosed a few more impressions from the location of my work…


still there!

Hey Guys, greetings from Belfast,

sry for the delay of my posts. Ireland, especially Belfast, is so awesome that i forgot to tell you my epic stuff 🙂 but you can looking forward to this week.. i will post every day so you can follow nearly live what happens here 😉


Beside talking english, work looks quite the same here.. im in an office with 5 others.. had to reinstall win7 on a few laptops and update it, and update it, and update it, get some drivers working, install software etc.