Beijing Roast Duck and kTV

On Sunday morning we were greeted by Li, Zhu and our new closer friend called Lee Xu. We walked towards the subway station to drive to a place where we would eat breakfast. We, again, had no idea what to expect, but after a few minutes in the subway an a short walk we  arrived at a more expensive restaurant. We were seated at a very nice table and were told we would eat the famous Beikjing Roast Duck. Besides the duck we ordered many different side dishes and rice. The first dishes arrived quickly and were served by our waiter, which age didn’t seem older than maybe eleven.  Everything expect one dish was fking amazing. The flavors, the spiciness, the fresh ingredients, the perfectly cooked meat. Just wow. The kicker of course was the roast duck itself.  Covered within a small pancake wrap together with slices of cucumber and sweet bean sauce:


Here’s a video of Zhu showing how it’s done:

Our beef noodles we leaned to love that much had to give up their spot as the best dish, now it’s roast duck 🙂 It was a fabulous feast and we felt really stuffed walking home to our dormitory.  After a short break to relax we switched into more sporty clothes to play some basketball. The idea of doing sports after such a huge meal was good, unfortunately it was and still is freezing outside with strong winds. Nevertheless we played for a good hour.

Again a small break and we met again with the same friends to go to kTV (karaoke)! We arrived by bus and after buying some beers we headed into the kTV store. The store was located in the basement and consisted of many small rooms equipped with karaoke equipment and a good stereo.
GOPR7675For 6€ per person we sang our hearts out, two hours. My prejudice, that every Asian can sing, remained intact – our three friends sang very well. And also Alex is a gifted singer aswell.
Happy, hoarse and a little bit tipsy we took the bus home.

We again met to shower and afterwards Alex and I ordered some takeaway food from a place we already approved yummy. Now we are ending the day relaxed and cosy in our room, which is really warm now, because yesterday we managed to fix the heater by cleaning the dust filters.
25° C room temperature all the way!

Till tomorrow
Alex and Luke

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