School is over

So that was the last day of school, tomorrow we will start to work at the Guo An enterprise, we still know nothing about it, except we will meet with Mr. Chen at the bus stop at 8 am.

After we got up and ate our breakfast, we joined the JAVA class again. Today we learned about overwriting and overloading of methods. We already studied this, but since it has been a bit in the past, it was a good revision for us. For lunch we had some beef noodles, they are the best in the canteen. After a little break, we joined the physical education class and played football and table tennis. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher gathered everyone around and told something in Chinese, then we had to run two small rounds around the basketball fields. Afterwards it seemed like everybody was doing what he or she wanted, some were playing basketball, others played badminton and we decided to play football. While playing with the Chinese students, you could easily tell that basketball is the main sport they play here…

When PE was over we had our last class, which was networking. Since we had no real task, we asked Li Xu to show us how to crimp LAN cables. After he did we tried for ourselves and were quite satisfied with our work.

Because the weather was really nice (sun, 20°C) we played some more table tennis, against each other and against some of our Chinese friends. We also watched a lot of other Chinese students practicing some walking with drums and banners while loud music was playing.



We also discovered another canteen in the basement and right beside is a room with about five or six table tennis tables. When we wanted to play there later in the afternoon it was unfortunately closed.

On our way to dinner we tried to buy some snacks for watching the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 5, but it was either too expensive or not what we were looking for. So we stick with some original Trolli sour worms from the school shop. For dinner we had chicken with vegetables and rice (Luke) and pork with vegetables with rice (me). As usual, it was very delicious.

Tomorrow is the first day of work, we are exited where and what our work exactly will be.

Till then, the China Guys


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