Slow Saturday

We woke up moderately early on Saturday. We went around the corner to the western supermarket
to try out the loaf of bread they were offering. Our verdict: Its not bad, but not great either. One can guess what taste they were trying to accomplish.


With new energy we met Li and Zhu outside to play some ping pong. We were not allowed to use the indoor tables in the basement of the school, so the ones outside had to make do.
After a few hours of showing our Chinese friends what’s what in the world of table tennis we went inside and started to study and go through  the two .pdf-files Kenny gave us:

  • Excel 2010 Programming with VBA
  • Autodesk Revit MEP 2014

The latter is a software for designing electricity, network, firesavety and air conditioning layouts,
which we are going to use starting next week.

Later we were picked up by friends of mine who live in Peking. They took us to a very nice Taiwanese restaurant, famous for their dumplings. Again, this took first place in our „food in Peking rankings“. Handmade dumplings:

dumplingsWe got a lift right back to the school property, said goodbye to our friends and then we rushed towards the showers, having minutes left on the hot-water clock.

Now we are going to treat us with a session of some well deserved computer gaming!

Thank you and cheers
Lukas and Alex

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