Hot Pot

After our usual breakfast we went to Lotte Mart to buy some table tennis rackets, yesterday we borrowed some from Li & Zhu. As usual on a Sunday it was very crowded, but we found what we wanted and payed 58 Yuan (10€) per racket, which is best china quality meaning mine already lost some of the wood at the grip…

But nevertheless we then played for good two hours and also met a Chinese girl/woman who asked to play against us. Of course we agreed, at first I tried and then Luki, but we both had our problems with her style of playing. She really knows how to play table tennis! Here are some pictures of us struggling against her:

After we learned how to get beaten by a woman we met Kenny from Guo An Electronics for dinner. He invited us to a place called „Ben Huo Hot Pot“.

Inside we met one of his friends (Tutu) who is from the province where this dish is originated. While ordering (which took about 10 minutes) we agreed to have the Hot Pot split into spicy and normal. We ordered lots of ingredients to cook inside the pot, such as pork, beef, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach and potato. Then the big bowl with the soup arrived:

Under it was a heater, so the soup inside was boiling. Easy to guess, the right side was the spicy, the left the normal side. Afterwards came our ordered ingredients and Kenny started to put it inside the soup. After a short time of cooking we took them out and ate them. The parts which were inside the right side were really spicy, the longer the meal took the more challenging it was to eat them without crying 😉 But as usual everything was delicious and we enjoyed the meal a lot. Tutu even told us that we only had the lowest level of spiciness, if she would eat there with her family she would take level three. I don’t know how to survive that…

We then headed back to our dormitory to shower and pack some things for our short trip to Zi Bo tomorrow.

Spicy greets

Alex and Lukas

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