Slow Friday

With little sleep we fought ourself out of our beds this morning. Still groggy from last days marathon we finished our morning routine and went to work. We enjoyed a strong coffee from Lilis coffeemaker and began to further improve our AutoCAD skills. A little while later we were called into the meeting room, where we discussed the plan/activities for the upcoming week. We decided on the following:

  • Monday: Kenny will prepare more project plans for us to take a look at
  • Tuesday: We will visit a Tesla Motors car dealership. Hoping for a ride or even a test drive
  • Wednesday: After work we will eat and then go to the cinema with Kenny, being invited to dinner with Johnny afterwards
  • Thursday: Alex and I will visit the Happy Valley Amusement Park
  • Friday: national holiday – láo dòng jié – Labor Day

After a delicious lunch with fried rice we went back to our work. Kenny was so kind to let us call it a day early. We headed straight home. We asked Li and Zhu about the food we ate yesterday after our marathon on the wall, where we would find something alike around our school. We decided to first go to a sporting goods store called „Decathlon“. We shopped around, buying a Frisbee, sport trunks, t-shirts(3€) and a football.
Afterwards we went to the Wal-Mart Lili showed us a few days ago to buy more toast and honey.
We wanted to rush back to the dormitory. But knowing, that we wouldn’t have had enough time to shower, we took a cab instead. Unfortunately while showering, they cut off the water early :/

We went and brought home takeaway dinner and are now enjoying a few cups of the delicious 43% Chinese „wine“ called Erguotou from which we are starting to feel the affects right this minute.
Better end this entry here.
Lukas and Alex



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