Art, Sport & Beijing Duck

We got up quite early to meet up with Daniel, one of the friends of Lukas we already met last Saturday. He took us to his art studio, where he had to pick up some things for a trip he will start on Monday. We took a look at his sculptures which were standing around inside. Here are some pictures of it, if anybody wants to buy something, just let us know, we will pass it on to Daniel 😉

After everything was packed, Daniel drove us back home. We then started to test our new sports equipment, meaning we played football, frisbee and of course table tennis.

At 5 pm the parents of a friend of mine collected us and drove to a nice restaurant, where we had the Beijing duck again. It was so delicious! And not only the duck was awesome, also the „side“ dishes were perfect.

It was so much food that we took the leftovers with us and we now share them with Li & Zhu. It was again one of the best dinners we ever had.

Till tomorrow

die Pekingenten

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    1. Der Drache kostet 35.000$, eventuell verhandelbar auf 30.000$. Nach Berlin per Schiff, aber ich weiß nicht, was das kostet.

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