Work and a (violin) concert/performance/theater

As usual we started out day early in the morning and ate our beloved toast breakfast. We took our crowded bus and got to work right on time, being the perfect example of German punctuality 😉

Kenny had some network plans for us to take a look at and also showed us some testing equipment for fiber and copper cables. We also talked about the difference between multi-mode and single-mode fiber cable and which is used in which case.


Lunch was again very delicious and we continued afterwards to study the plans Kenny gave us. We finished work around 4:30 pm and took our crowded bus back to school.


After a fast shower we took another bus to get to a concert hall, where would meet up with Mr. Ji who organized everything here in Beijing. The performance we made this journey for was the violin, which was great. Mr. Ji told us, that the violin costs about 10 Million Euro! The other performances varied from good to awful. We saw Chinese pop music, something that might have been rock, a children choral singing/screaming, ballet with strange voice acting background, shadow plays, an imitation of Elvis and a Chinese comedian.

An evening we won’t forget!

Alex and Lukas

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