Cheesy & Furious 7

Our daily morning routine was interrupted by the locked door of our dormitory. Normally these are only closed during the night, but sometimes, the older ladies at the counter lock them, when they take a break or whatever. We wanted to catch our bus, but we couldn’t. We spent a few minutes trying to find someone, but in the end we managed to find the door opener, pressing the button through a window of the office.
We caught our bus and it was a surprisingly fast trip due to unusual low traffic. The sleeping overweight snoring Chinese business man next to me obviously felt sad, that he could not cuddle with me for a longer period of time.

In the office we got to work while drinking a freshly brewed coffee. Soon after we were allowed to attend a staff meeting. We did not understand a word they said, but everyone was cheerful with a big laugh now and then. For lunch we had a tasty duck leg with a lot of side dishes.

After a few additional hours of work Kenny, Johnny and Lili drove us to see the new movie Fast & Furious 7 in an IMAX cinema. The cinema had a huge screen and the screening itself was in 3D. Well, for my taste, the movies wasn’t that great, but at least entertaining. The dialog and story was absolutely unnecessary, cheesy and dull. Yeah, the action was good and enjoyable. It reminded me of other movies you watch, where the story is unimportant, but the action is good. *hint

After the cinema, Lili showed us a huge supermarket, where we browsed around and bought various items, for example an electronic mosquito repellent.
Again Lili invited us to dinner, the famous Peking Roast Duck. This time, I have to be honest, it was the best dinner I had in China. Everything, really everything on the rotating glass tray was a treat.

Delicious Peking Roast Duck, fried rice, noodles with aubergine, chicken breast pieces in a dark leek, garlic, whitewine/vinegar? sticky sauce, a salad with different kinds of lettuce and vegetables in an amazing oliveoil, vinegar, garlic, cream? dressing and my personal favorite, the pot of a variety of mushrooms, slowly fried with white wine, ginger and garlic …. omfg!

After some sports and a hot shower we are now digesting and relaxing.
Tomorrow is the day where we will have the opportunity to inspect the, I am guessing, Tesla Model S P85+. Maybe even a test drive, but being a passenger will be just as awesome.

Luki and Alex

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