Tesla P85D

0-100 km/h in 3,3 seconds, f*ck yeah!

But first things first. After our usual breakfast we took our usual bus and were again lucky, the traffic was not too bad. We arrived perfectly on time at work where Kenny had some interesting building plans for us, about a construction site we would visit in the afternoon. Soon after lunch (delicious as usual) Lili took us to the south-west of Bejing, which took about one hour. We met her son who arranged a test drive of the newest Tesla car, the Tesla P85D.

It is a fully electrical four-wheel drive car with 690 horsepower generated by two motors, one in the back and one in the front. Nearly everything in the car is controllable using a giant 17″ touchscreen. There are no „normal“ buttons for controlling for example the temperature or the sunroof. You can choose how high or low the suspension may be, how far the sunroof may be open and so on. Here are some pictures:

Then it got serious. We got in the P85D and our driver started the engine. Silently we drove to a big street. Since we were at the boundary of Bejing there were not many cars on the street. So we stopped in the middle of it and our driver counted downwards from three. At zero he accelerated fully, meaning 3,3 seconds and we reached 100 km/h. It was the biggest adrenalin rush I had for a very long time. The unbelievable power of this car and how hard you get pressed into the seats is just awesome. Also the P85D does not have any wheelspin thanks to its four-wheel drive. From 0-60 it is even the fastest car in the world, so every Lamborghini or Maserati or whatever doesn’t stand a chance. We both agreed that we could to this for the rest of our lives without getting bored. It is difficult to describe the feeling you get when being pushed forward so fast.

After we cooled down a bit and enjoyed some free Sprite and Cola, Lili took us to the already mentioned construction site.

There we met with the local manager and his colleges who showed us a bit of the construction work and one sample house which was already finished. For the price of 3 Million US$ you can live in this house:

It has three level above the ground and two in the basement. The whole arrangement of the houses looked like a small upper class district with its own security guards and a lot of staff to keep everything clean and the hedges trimmed.

For dinner the manager invited us to a Japanese restaurant. The food was good, but nowhere near what we had yesterday.


After Lili drove us home we enjoyed our shower and are now looking forward to the next adrenalin rush(es) in the Beijing Happy Valley tomorrow.

See ya

Alex and Lukas

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