Shanghai II – picture day

We awoke, each of us in their own room and met at 8am to eat breakfast in the hotel. Shortly after we checked out of the hotel and our driver named Chen gave us a ride to two of our companies project sites. One of them are twin towers, one a bank, the other for an insurance company:

twinsThe total investment adds up to around 8 billion Yuan. Each tower has a height of 250m with 55 floors. They use a handy technique, where they work their way upwards, using something best described as building blocks. Floor by floor they move higher, finishing one complete floor every week. The towers are planed to be finished around the end of 2016. Kenny and the engineers showed and described everything about the planning, the parts used and the building procedure. the most interesting of cause were the cable management. Copper, Fiber, cable ducts and how all fits and works together. Vast number of pictures ahead:

After hours of walking up and down the building we headed to a late lunch. We ate in a café right around the corner. It was very delicious and I found my new China favorite dish: „Mushroom Beef Claypot rice“:

After dinner driver Chen picked us up and delivered us to the „Shanghai World Financial Center“. A tower with a hight of almost 500m and an observatory on the 100th floor. An elevator took us skywards, where we visited the Skywalk, which is the highest observatory deck in the entire world.
The view was breathtaking and the hight made your palms sweaty, mine at least:

After this adventure our drive took us to the old part of the city, where a took a relaxed walk and made a dinner reservation at a fancy looking restaurant. The area felt a little bit like a neighborhood, a „kiez“. Sure it was pumped full with tourists and expensive shops, but still, it was a peaceful and calm place. After checking out the „Bund“ again, we checked in to our hotel, which turned out to have 5 stars. We were delighted, a total contrast to our school life:

We double backed to the restaurant and waited quite a while for everyone to arrive. In the end, nine of us dined together. As you can imagine, yummmmmy and very expensive. The menu wasn’t on paper, it was an Ipad. With the Ipad you could browse through the dishes and make an order:

Now my laptop battery is almost drained empty and we are approaching midnight.

I hope you enjoyed this colorful insight I provided for you 🙂
Lukas and Alex


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