Indian Food and Christmas

Today we arrived early at work as usual. With the help of Kenny we ordered a lot of things online, which we will bring back home to Germany. In China alibaba and are very common websites to get goods very cheap and fast. After lunch Lili and Kenny took us to buy even more souvenirs in a huge mall. Every store in the mall had at least 3+ employees who follow your every step, blabbering and doing everything in their power to sell you stuff. Wandering around the mall in some moments you have to restrain yourself from performing a roundhouse kick to free yourself from the surrounding salesgirl drones. Fortunately our trip was not in vain and Alex found something to buy bargaining the price down to about  25% from the starting price. (No bargaining, yeah sure …)


On our way to our dormitory we learned how to handle the traffic in China (use the breakdown lane)

And then it was Christmas, because when we arrived at our dormitory I was able to finally unwrap the Quad drone, which came via mail. I am not certain if is a real or fake one, but oh boy, it flying
so smooth. I felt young again ^^ ( I’ll bring some home to Germany *hint )

At 5pm the friends of Alex arrived and we walked to a nearby Indian restaurant, which we had chosen. Only later we noticed the amount of pressure laid upon us: We had to choose everything.
Seating, ordering what and how much to eat, drink. We ended up ordering 4 Batura, two salads, 8 main curry dishes and 8 pots of rice. The food was delicious, it really was. The overall reception of the Indian food ( many of them never had it before ) was quite good. Surprisingly the crucial negative point was the spiciness. Many of the dishes were too hot 🙂
But overall we threw a good dinner and after a few beers the atmosphere was happy and warm.
The only thing we were not allowed to do was pay the bill.

Later everyone followed us home to our dormitory and Christmas continued. They overwhelmed us with presents, beer and food.

Tomorrow we go to the opera with Lili, listening to Mischa Maisky an Israeli cellist.

See you tomorrow

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