The Biggest Pizza in Beijing

Today we took it slow. The temperatures outside are rising and it was best for us to do useful stuff indoors. After breakfast we started to clean our apartment, wash our laundry and organize souvenirs and gifts. Once in a while we stepped outside and I improved my piloting skills with my Quad drone, now practicing in „expert“-mode. Oh boy, believe me, this thing is fast and agile.
Because our food and water supplies were running low we also headed to Lotte Mart. Beforehand we made sure, that our Lotte Mart was offering our new favorite discovery: coco-tea. A freshly prepared cold beverage with different options, lemon, orange, green/back tea and much more. It tastes amazing and helps fight the heat. Here is a picture of my „Green Tea with Lemon“ in front of a  5L 42% alcoholic beverage also known as „Chinese happiness“:
After we showered, we decided to try out a new restaurant adjacent to the one , where we have eaten many times. Everything was very crowded, leading us to the decision to go to „Tube Station“.
A western restaurant restaurant known for the biggest pizza in Beijing. This was correct. Even though we ordered the biggest size they had (large), we were shocked by the size:

With a price of 23,50€ we still received our moneys worth. A huge pizza, thin dough, delicious toppings and cheese. I was convinced, that there is no way we would be able to finish the entire thing. After a battle lasting 45min we stopped with two slices remaining. The china all you can eat training must have paid of. We agreed, that if we wanted, we would have finished the last two. Instead we settled on taking the two slices home with us for a midnight delight.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will participate in our school classes. That was the first thing we did, when we arrived. Seems a good fit.

See you for our last week of our China adventure
Lukas and Alex

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