Tipp: Facebook Privacy Einstellungen

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Facebook’s privacy settings are extremely detailed, ugg australia pas cher giving you the ability to fine-tune the privacy aspects of almost every little part of your Facebook account. Unfortunately, for most users, doudoune moncler pas cher this level of micromanagement makes Facebook’s privacy settings a convoluted mess.Even worse, these settings change often; you may think you know everything there is about them, doudoune moncler only to be greeted with a completely different layout and a bunch of new options the next time you visit the dreaded Facebook Privacy Settings page.So, timberland chaussures what do you do when you’ve got over 170 options to choose from? You focus on the most important ones. timberland pas cher We’ve entered Facebook’s maze of privacy options and came out on the other side bruised, battered, but with 10 essential settings in our hands.

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