ZiBo Adventures

#UPDATED: Today after our breakfast, we met up with Kenny at the Beijing Railway Station to catch our train to ZiBo. A town three hours away from Beijing. The train ride was quick and comfortable.
abfahrtAs soon as we arrived we took a Taxi to the place of our project, where Kenny worked for a long time. It was a newly built mall, where our company designed the security camera, elevator, escape and air-conditioning infrastructure. We were allowed to visit the control room of the mall, the roof of the building, as well as a glimpse at the building blueprints.

After our tour inside and outside the mall we played some basketball and table tennis. After hours of sport we planned our evening. Neil took us to our business hotel, which has hot water and a normal toilet, which is a luxury for us by now. Pleased by our room we headed towards the restaurant where we would eat dinner. It was a Chines barbecue. We ordered sheep, pork, vegetables and „baby larva“. The taste of the latter was not that good. Additionally we had to take a sip of our 43% alcohol Chinese liqueur every bite. You can imagine, they made us get drunk very quickly 😛

grinseAfter dinner we somehow ended up in a local Internet shop, where we played some computer games together, deep into the night. We had lots of fun, especially for the price of 0.3€ per hour 🙂


Lukas and Alex

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