Back to Beijing

We started our day early in the morning and surprisingly without hangover. Kenny took us to a small restaurant to eat breakfast. It consisted of a hot soup in which we threw pork, vegetables, mushrooms, an egg and most important ricenoodles. Then we mixed everything and had a really tasty meal.

Afterwards we took a look at an other project of the company. It was a furniture store, but it was still a construction site. But nevertheless we took a look around and tried to image how it might look in the future.

Then we changed the side of the road and went inside a furniture store, which was already finished. The architecture looked quite the same, so that’s maybe how the construction site might look after finishing.

The job of Kenny was again to plan the whole security camera system, the elevators, air conditioning and so on. We then drove to the flat of some of the local employees to have a rest before our train would leave.

For lunch we stopped at Mr. Lee, a Chinese fast food restaurant, where we had some rice with spicy chicken (Luki) and some pork noodles (me). On the train ride back we could sleep for about three hours which was very nice and relaxing.


Before showering we tried to buy some classical German dinner meaning bread with butter and cheese/salami. Butter and cheese was easy, salami was too expensive and bread was the real problem. While walking through the Indigo mall we saw some real bread loaf in a display window, when touching them we had to discover that these were just fake plastic breads 🙁 So we bought some toast which we ate with the butter and cheese. If the toast would have been toasted it would have been a really tasty dinner, so we decided to buy a toaster on the internet, which is just 14,50€. It will be delivered tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Till then

The ZiBo surviver

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