AutoCAD and Designs

Today was a normal workday. We awoke at 07:30, ate breakfast and were waiting for the bus at 08:30. We arrived at work on time at 10:00. We brought our own notebooks, because Kenny wanted to install some software on them. We installed AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit MEP together and Kenny gave us the project files of the project places we visited the days before. At first the controls were quite difficult, but we quickly got the hang of it and started to study the project plans and designs with Kenny in detail.
ahaaaaWe were interrupted by Lili returning to the office with another gift for us. It was a Nespresso machine. For the sole purpose, so that the Germans can enjoy their morning coffee.
coffeeShortly after we had lunch, where they served our delicious noodles again. We treated ourself with an extra portion, as always.
mittagStrengthened by that meal we returned to our desks to further work through the design plans and try to understand the logic and technique behind it. It was impressive to see how such a large scale project was designed by the ground up:

parkingThis for example is an excerpt of the parking lot system. It detects if a car is occupying a lot or if it is empty. This will be indicated by a light(red/green), mounted above the lot and at the green displays, located at the major intersections, which shows the drivers, in need for a parking lot, where to find one quickly. This floor has a capacity of over 1200 parking lots, each with their corresponding electronic equipment.

We were allowed to leave work early, because Lili wanted to drive us to a location, where we would be able to buy the liqueur, we drank earlier this week in a woozy night in ZiBo. We visited a small supermarket, but quickly decided we needed a store with a better selection. We drove to Wal-Mart 🙂 We found what we were looking for. The exact same bottle from earlier, 43%, 500ml, 1,80€.

Lili drove us home. Zhu greeted us with a mail package. It was the toaster we ordered the day earlier. For that little of a price you can’t complain. It makes toast.
toastLiving in a china you come to notice how much you value the little thing in life.

Good evening
Lukas and Alex

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