Today we got up quite late since we had no big plans. After our delicious breakfast we played some computer games and relaxed a bit. Then we went to the Indigo Mall and bought some water, detergent, Nutella and toast. The 1st of May is a free day in China as well, so it was a bit crowded everywhere. But we got what we were looking for and headed back to the school afterwards. For lunch/dinner we had some beloved beef noodles from across the street, cheap and delicious.

We also tried to take a shower, but unfortunately the shower times (meaning when there is water) were not the usual ones for a Friday, but the ones of the weekend. That means between 7 and 9 pm, so we were too early.

One of Lukas friends did invite us to play some Doppelkopf at her flat, so we tried to catch a taxi to get there. Which was more difficult than expected, we tried for more than half a hour without success. Since it was raining it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do…


Only after we took the bus for two stations a taxi driver finally gave us a ride. At the flat we played Doppelkopf for about four hours and had a lot of fun. Lukas won, I finished on the place without a medal 🙁 next time I will be better I hope.

After 10 pm the door to our dormitory is locked, but we know some students whose windows don’t have any bars before it. So we returned safely through their window to our room. Tomorrow we will meet again with the parents of a friend of mine for lunch and we will meet Lili at her flat, where she will prepare some homemade Chinese dinner.

We are looking forward to it

Alex and Lukas

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