All you can’t eat

This morning we awoke earlier than usual for a Saturday. We had planed to go to the Ming Tombs with friends of Alex, but unfortunately the trip with the car would cost us 4-5 hours there and back. We were on a tight schedule because of the dinner we would eat at Lili’s later in the afternoon. We agree to postpone the Ming Tombs for a week and eat „breakfast“ instead.
The restaurant was located not far away from our school. We took our friend Li with us to act as our translator. The last time we had a meal with them, it was way to much and we took home more food than we ate at restaurant. This time would not be different:

It has to be some kind of torture. The amount of delicious food in front of you and you are too stuffed to take another bite. As always we asked to da bao(take-away) the remaining food. When we returned home and said goodbye to the generous friends of Alex, we immediately went to Li’s room to share the vast amounts of food we brought with us.
IMG_20150502_124715 While our friends dined, we explored the boys dormitory. Compared to the girls dormitory, where we live in, it’s way filthie. One can only guess why that is 😛

IMG_2456Only few hours were left before we needed to get ready to go to LilI’s. Unfortunately I developed a very unpleasant stomachache. Which is why we canceled dinner with Lili and stayed in our school for the evening.

Tomorrow we will do sports, maybe clean some and hopefully meet the girl again, we made the acquaintance of, last time we played ping pong.
See you soon

Luki and Alex

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