Shanghai III – Hangzhou

Today we traveled to the city of Hangzhou, located south-west of Shanghai. But first we had a delicious breakfast in our five star hotel. They offered toast, marmalade, honey, fried egg, bacon, a lot of fruits, some Chinese stuff and a lot more.

Then we drove to Hangzhou. The ride took about three hours on a very good and smooth highway, but the speed limit is 120 km/h. And we had to pay a toll of 9€ for it. We arrived at our hotel (Haihua Hotel), which again looks great, we have a perfectly fine room with shower and toilet for ourselves. Life in luxury!

After check-in we quickly took our luggage to our room and headed for lunch. At a small restaurant we had a delicious meal with various dishes, one of them being pig ear. It actually tasted OK, not my favorite but quite eatable.

Then we walked to the West Lake, the main sight in Hangzhou. After a short look around we took a taxi to get to the Lingyin Temple. It is one of the ten biggest Buddhist Temples in China. Here are some impressions of it:

We spent about one and a half hour there and drove back to the lake afterwards. Our Taxi stopped about halfway between our starting point and the temple, so that we could walk along the lake and enjoy the sun (it was about 30 °C today).

After the exhausting walk we headed back to the hotel and could convince Lili and Kenny to give us some free time. The two hours we got we spent in the fitness center and the pool of the hotel. Unfortunately the water in the pool was only 18 °C cold, so it was just a refreshment after the fitness.

Then it was time for dinner again, which we had in a restaurant not far from our hotel. The table was again about to break due to the amount of food on it, but we were also quite hungry and managed to eat a lot. Of course we couldn’t finish everything, that’s impossible!

To relax our stomachs we then walked along the river and had a beautiful view over it. Here is what we could get out of our smartphone cameras:

So that’s it for today, tomorrow we are going back to Shanghai.

Alex and Lukas


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