The last day in Hangzhou and Shanghai

We awoke in our 4 star hotel and quickly headed towards to breakfast in the 2nd floor.
The breakfast buffet offered everything one could have asked for. We ate toasts with fresh marmalade, fresh fruits, eggs, bacon and orange juice.
After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and our driver picked us up to drive us to Leifeng Pagoda, a very tall ancient tower with an amazing view from every floor. Around the tower is a lovely park with a hill full of miniature buildings, statues and a bell:

Next we left Hangzhou and drove to back to  Shanghai, a 3-4 hour trip:
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First thing after arriving in Shanghai was dinner in a very fancy restaurant. As always, it was delicious. Our friend Kenny grew especially fond of the chicken feet. Following the dinner was a very long search for a place to spend the night. In Shanghai almost every hotel room was sold out. Our driver Chen was eager to find a room for us. We tried a lot of hotels and in the end we finally found one. Next we drove to our companies headquarters here in Shanghai, where Kenny showed us the plans and blueprints of many different projects he worked on and the ones we visited in person. The companies manager in Shanghai invited us to dinner. This time we experienced a lot of new dishes, like squid, frog and snail. We ended the day with a night time walk up and down the „Bund“, where we gazed at the mesmerizing sight of Shanghai at night. Additionally we met three very handsome and friendly girls from Canada, who we talked with for quite some time. They, same as us, are in China because of an exchange program. It was their last evening in China. It brightened our night having a lovely chat with them.


Tomorrow we will take the train back to Beijing for our last two weeks of our China adventure.

See you very soon
Lukas and Alex

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