Last Week

Our last week in Belfast now started and I was looking forward very much to your home.

We had the whole week not so good weather.That’s why we were mostly at home.At work I was allowed to work with Unidesk in connection with the Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager.On monday I put a new WIN10 VM on the Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager  which should be used as a Gold Image. I installed the Unidesk gold tools on the Image which enabled the connection to the Web Unidesk surface. After that I had to create some guidelines for the VM and make some network settings. I continuing my job on Tuesday. I connected me via the web browser with the Unidesk website. There I created a Installtion Machine. This is sort of the operating system which the users can use when you log on the website and choose a desktop. On the IM I installed individually programs like Office, Flash Payer and Citrix. On the web interface Unidesk I created a new Application. about the Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager I launched the IM, installed the required program and launched the IM again. Then back to the web interface Unidesk and complete the program bundle. This had to be done for every program to be installed. The advantage is that you can any program single update and remove. I created  a Collection  with  all programs for the operating system and from the Collection, the desktop for the user. I did the same thing on a Windows Server 2008 R2 on Wednesday and Thursday. The server should be used for Citrix. Gino came to us for dinner and we spent together a relaxing evening again. A big thanks to Gino.He brought the drinks for the evening. I got free to have on friday to have enough time to clean up and pack bag . The taxi came at 9.45 on Saturday .It would take us to the bus station. the bus came to take us to Dublin at 10.30. This time the bus was fortunately not as full as on the outward journey to Belfast.We went for breakfast at the airport. we all ate at McDonalds . Our flight time change  and our bus went too early. We sat for a while at McDonalds before we were able to give our baggage. After the baggage delivery we went to the security checkpoint. Some of us have been stopped as they had not allowed or confusing things in their hand  baggage. I was pulled out, for example, because I still had all our coins in my hand baggage. In Duty Free Shop was purchased by us anything we bought nothing because all people how fly to Germany pay the Duty Paid Price. After a further 1 hour wait we were finally on the plane. There you could relax a bit and we can close youre eyes. Due to favorable wind conditions we land a half an hour earlier than planned in Germany.We had all just waiting for our baggage and then after 2 months we meet our family and friends again. They were now two months over so I have to say the first few weeks went so fast around. What I can say  I could through this internship improve my English understanding and skills. In addition, we could see how the life in Ireland looks and whether the prejudices agree that they are very often in the pub. Almost every day the pubs were well filled when we arrived  at 4-5 pm from work. Even on Saturdays at 11pm sat many Irish in a pub and drank their Guinness. What I have noticed is the Irish are very friendly. Often I was on my way to work and a complete strangers asking me if they can take me or if they should bring me to the train station. Finally, I would like to address a set to us Mr. Bavar said before we flew to Ireland. He said that not everything is beautiful in Ireland. I can agree because on the penultimate evening had Gino, Marlon and I give first aid. A young lady had too much to drink.She fall on a stone with her head and She bleeding so strong. We called as soon as possible an ambulance and gave her water and a towel against the bleeding. Despite the incident, it was on the whole a very nice time in Ireland.

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