Staff Drinks On The House

Hey there I am back again with some new stuff for you!

To continue where I finished as I said I was setting up the PC’s for the girls…oh did I left that point out? Yeah the new interns are 2 french girls 🙂 „Staff Drinks On The House“ weiterlesen

Went out with the colleagues

At Friday Sergio another intern of Niamh ended his internship for that reason we went out after work he comes from Spain and worked in his internship for about 5 mounth.

Names in the right order: Jena; Sergio; Robert; Robert (Rob)

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The whole week

This week we’ve done so much together. We’ve watched a handful of football matches (read here) and walked up the mountain Divis. This mountain we see every day so we decided to get there on the top to get an overview through Belfast and to enjoy the air and the wonderful nature while the sun is shining.

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Goodbye Germany – hello Ireland

After a fee hours of sleep we had to set off to the airport. After about 2 hours of flying we arrived Dublin. We had to take a bus from Dublin to Belfast but our booked bus was to full so we waited for the next bus. In this time we drank our first Guinness beer and some of us ate something.IMG_0491

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