How To Survive In Ireland: #2 – Rain

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One thing you will experience a lot here in Northern Ireland is rain. So in this article I will show you everything you need to know about how to be perfectly prepared in the case of rain. „How To Survive In Ireland: #2 – Rain“ weiterlesen

No clouds at all

Today was alot of sunshine in Belfast I saw no cloud on the sky at all. It’s so beautiful to see a clear blue sky after weeks of rain, rain even more rain and some hail. Okay there was some sunshine befor but most of the time there is rain or hail and such a clear sky as today was not even to think of. two day ago, on way to work I saw a drain witch became a fontain that was kinda funny.

Street fontain

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The End Of The First Week

The end of the week is near and nothing special happened. I suddenly made a big progress at work while testing the websites. I was able to learn HTML5 and CSS within 3 days which was impressive for my boss at work. He seems to be very satisfied with my work and happy about me finding many bugs on the websites which we have to get rid off. To give you a view of how it looks like, just click the link below.

Testing and finding problems

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First Working Experience

Welcome back to the country of endless rain! Some days went by now and I kind of get used to the rain which drops down nonstop…nevermind I was able to get an impression of how my work will be the next few months. But before I start to talk about my work I just want to add something unimportant but for me something that made me a little happy. It is the 2 for 1 Monday and yeah I am talking about Pizza!

Looks Awesome!

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You’ll Never „Work“ Alone

My first day at work.

We arrived 1h30 before we should be at the company. Like a good apprentice I would say it was planned but … uhm well the truth is that nobody told us to arrive there at 10 am. So we had enough time to sit in the lobby and to gape about this big company.

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My first impression of Belfast

„Welcome to the place of never ending rain!“ I think you could say that this was the first thing that came to my mind after we arrived on Friday the 1st of April. The first impression of the UK was kind of bad. But anyway a lot of things happened after we finally made it to our new homes for the next 2 months…

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