And Like Everything Else It Must Come To An End

So here I am again with the last post I will create.

2 months are nearly over and I am more then happy to go back to Germany and finally be able to enjoy a beautiful weather. „And Like Everything Else It Must Come To An End“ weiterlesen

WhAt To Do If YoVr WoRk Is Don3?

Hey there as you can see I am having fun with headlines now wuhu!!! 😀

So yeah my work at Lighting Enterprises is almost done and I was entrusted with one last task before I go back to Germany. It is at some point a pretty dumb task because I won’t ever be able to finish this one neither do I own the skills to do so.

„WhAt To Do If YoVr WoRk Is Don3?“ weiterlesen

Klipfolio The Results

Hey there,

so finally I was able to finish my work with Klipfolio and everything seems to work just fine. As for that I want to give you guys a quick overview of what exactly is displayed and what will happen with all of my work in here. „Klipfolio The Results“ weiterlesen

Staff Drinks On The House

Hey there I am back again with some new stuff for you!

To continue where I finished as I said I was setting up the PC’s for the girls…oh did I left that point out? Yeah the new interns are 2 french girls 🙂 „Staff Drinks On The House“ weiterlesen

Monday The More Like Nature Day

Hey folks!

As I said there will be another post of a kind of different thing that I only did once in Belfast even tho I am kind of often at this spot recently because I love to go by there when I for example went shopping or get some food for dinner… „Monday The More Like Nature Day“ weiterlesen