Nice time at all!

Hey together

This will be one of my last articles I write while I’m here in Northern Ireland. It will be a short conclusion of the last day and my overall impression here at Belfast.

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The End Of The First Week

The end of the week is near and nothing special happened. I suddenly made a big progress at work while testing the websites. I was able to learn HTML5 and CSS within 3 days which was impressive for my boss at work. He seems to be very satisfied with my work and happy about me finding many bugs on the websites which we have to get rid off. To give you a view of how it looks like, just click the link below.

Testing and finding problems

„The End Of The First Week“ weiterlesen

The first weekend in Belfast

[02/04/2016 – 03/04/2016]
The first weekend in Belfast was very relaxed for me. On Saturday the most of us met together to visit the Belfast City. The center of the City is in 20 minutes reachable. At the center of the city we have to find a shop, that sells RJ45 cables, because Lukas needed one of this cable. After a few hours and a few „electronic shops“ later we found a computer shop that sells RJ45 cables.
After the computer shop we walked to a grocery. There I had bought some food for the evening.


On Sunday Tristan, Hendrik, Henny and I walked along the Lagan River to the inner city again. The other half of the day we spent in our appartements.
Arrival, shopping center and my view
Arrival, shopping center and my view