Final Entry

Hi reader,

I will make it short. So, after all this you surely asking yourself: „how was it overall?“, „would you recommend it?“ or something like this. Well, I can say that there were a a lot of „Pros“ and „Cons“. For example, our accommodation was terrible, really terrible. I did not even cook once in this kitchen and we had a lot of problems, like with the heater, the shower, water dripping from the ceiling and so on. On the other side there was the work experience, which was great. I did not expect such amount of kindness there. Every single one of my colleagues was incredibly nice and funny, we laughed and had a lot of fun while working. I hope to see some of them again sometimes in the future, who knows… So even if everything besides the work would have been really bad, I still would recommend this to everyone who is interested.

cheers for the very last time~

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