Time to say Goodbye

Now you can read my summary about my work here by Andor. It was very nice that I got the chance to read that loudly in a little meeting. Thank you very much.

Dear John,
dear Steven,
dear Steve,
dear Matthew,

Steven, I, Steve, John and Matthew (from left to right)

Now it is the day before the last day here by Andor. I want to give you a little summary and I choose the way to write it in one letter, because it is a little bit better for me to think about what I want to say and have enough time to find maybe the right words.
First I want to say that I had a really good time here by Andor!

The first day was a little bit an adventure for me, not only the way to Andor, where I forgot to get off the bus but rather I knew that I am not the best English speaker. But my doubt was not necessary. I was welcomed from John and you were very likable since the first meeting. It was very nice that you introduced yourself with your first name and it is better than in Germany. I am not care if I completely understand everything what did you said to me on my first day, John, but I enjoyed it very much that you spend the time and explained the structure of Andor for me.  By the way you gave me a present… the typical or traditional Andor cup. That was really nice. I wanted always a cup like these, where I can carry my hot drinks. A dream comes true and I really love my cup. If I will drink a coffee or a tea I will think back to my great time here by Andor. Thank you very much!
The next highlight of day was that you show me the coffee area, where you can get a free coffee whenever you want. That is so awesome and I will really miss this free coffee.
I recognized very fast that everybody here by Andor is very friendly. The time until the first week was finished flews very fast. The last working day is always Friday like in Germany, but here you only have to work until 13 pm. That is so awesome and special too. Nobody of my colleagues of Germany, who made the same internship, has the opportunity to work only a half day on every Friday. I liked it and I will miss it too.
The next good thing is that Steve asked me if I want to walk with him at lunch break. It was a great idea so I was able to speak about different things and was also able to improve my English skills. I love the mostly daily walk and it was also a great pleasure for me to walk with you, Steve. Thank you that you asked me every day.
The tasks here by Andor were very simple for me, because I am in the second year of my apprentice and I did the most tasks in the past in Germany too. I really liked it to prep all devices of production, because I was able to create my own plan and followed them. Furthermore it was very good to speak with the workers of production and it improved my English skills as well. By the way I met so much people who love Germany too and they told me about your experiences of Germany.
After a while Steven asked me if I want to drive with him to City Center, because he drove this way mostly every day. That was really good, not only because the bus arrived mostly not in time but rather I was able to speak in English as well. I enjoyed it very much not only because the time flews faster than I would took the bus but rather it was nice social conversions. Thank you very much Steven for agreed my request when it is possible to pick me up.
Mostly every day John motivated me and said to me … Good Job! Well done! Good man! Excellent… and more positive words. That was really lovely and I liked it very much. It is again better than in Germany.
Finally I want to say that you all do a well job. You are less people than in my home company and I think you have the same work to do. That is why I am said to several peoples that you all are really Supermen. Go ahead! Thank you for the possibility to work by Andor. It was a great time for me like I said in the beginning, but I couldn’t say it too often. You all were so helpfully and spend me some time whenever I came to you and I know that it cost sometimes a little bit longer to speak to me as usual. It was better than I expected. You are the greatest!

Thank you for everything very much.

Good Bye! We will see each other again someday!

Wow my longest article… 858 words
Try to beat it! =)

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  1. Hans – I really enjoyed reading this!
    You have been a pleasure to work with at Andor and we all wish you the best in your future.
    Make sure to continue drinking coffee from your Andor mug!

  2. Hans, it has been fun. I have never had a problem with understanding your English, some of your choice or words has been amusing particularly the context in which you applied „appointment“. I hope you enjoyed your stay and have learnt something from the experience.

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