The last day’s

At Wednesday I evaluated the scans I found an unprotected router so I connected to the router to sniff some internet traffic.

I dosen’t found at this day any more vulnerability’s so I started to wrote my report because on Friday I got the half day free. I had a lot of fun at my company my colleagues are all very friendly and I learned a lot of new things. At Thursday night Robert Gino and me was outside at the street, there was a girl with a boy she was really drunk and can’t walk straight on. She sit down on the street and cried very hard than Robert Gino and me ask what the problem is, the boy told us she want to  slept at a friends home but she don’t know at the moment where he lives. Another problem was that she was really aggressiv she grabbed me at my t-shirt and destroyed it completely. I told her friend its better when they will leave now! He agreed with this idea and want to went home with her she went 2 meter and fell down on the street. She fell with her head on the stone and blooded very hard so we have to called the ambulance.

This was the badest experience in Belfast in the whole 2 months!

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