First work exprience

The new colleges

Tuesday I’ve met new my Colleges at Niamh (Northern Ireland assotiantion for metal health) for the first Time They are very friendly and I feel like a part of the Team allready.

I’ll get some Pictures and mayIbe put them here but I got no Pictures at the Moment!

My Tasks and My Workplace

My task are to Install new PC’s with the default software of Niamh. They don’t have a PXE-server yet so I need to Install them manually that takes a lot of time, because I only got two USB 2.0 Sticks one with the Windows 8.1 image and the other with the software and the licenskeys on it.


That is my workplace. I’ve got two laptops at the Moment to work with, but I’ll just need one the other will be for another person.

My way to work
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