Summing Up The Second Weekend

Hi there,

so far I’ve been doing like nothing the second weekend. Reasons for that are just that I had to go to the shop to get some drinks actually. I was kind of happy in the first place because if I go to Lidl i have to pass by a 1£ shop which has the Twinkies I love that much. Suddenly it appeared that the shop was closed at the time i went by so I felt horrible not getting my Twinkies… „Summing Up The Second Weekend“ weiterlesen

The End Of The Second Week

One more week has gone by and I kind of messed up my left leg when I unlucky as I am took a wrong step on my way to work. As you know I cracked my left food the last weekend and it was kind of okay during the week except when it cam to this Friday. I took a wrong step and it cracked again.

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The End Of The First Week

The end of the week is near and nothing special happened. I suddenly made a big progress at work while testing the websites. I was able to learn HTML5 and CSS within 3 days which was impressive for my boss at work. He seems to be very satisfied with my work and happy about me finding many bugs on the websites which we have to get rid off. To give you a view of how it looks like, just click the link below.

Testing and finding problems

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