Nice time at all!

Hey together

This will be one of my last articles I write while I’m here in Northern Ireland. It will be a short conclusion of the last day and my overall impression here at Belfast.

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People change, things go wrong, shit happens and life goes on…

With this slogan I want to describe a new problem that occured last Monday. After previously configured new switches wont work I get them back to find out what the problem could be and maybe how to solve it. I’ve configured 5x 2960x (for more)and 2x 3508XL (for more) ones.

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The whole week

This week we’ve done so much together. We’ve watched a handful of football matches (read here) and walked up the mountain Divis. This mountain we see every day so we decided to get there on the top to get an overview through Belfast and to enjoy the air and the wonderful nature while the sun is shining.

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