That’s it!

The internship is now over.

The two months I spent in Belfast, were a great and successful experience I gained. There were good and bad things on the internship.

All People here in Belfast are really nice and very talkative. My colleagues were always nice to me and helped me with any problem and answered every question I had. A big thanks to the whole workshop team that I quickly became a part of the team. We all has always a lot of fun at work and there was always something to laugh about. It was possible to have a good talk with all at the tea breaks.

The two months have gone faster than I thought at the beginning. The fears and concerns I had at the beginning of the internship have disappeared within the first few weeks. My English skills were sufficient for two months and I could improve it.

At my internship I was able to learn new things about Hardware, computers and Notebooks and and help others. It is interesting to know how a computer, laptop, printer or server will be repaired and how everything looks from the inside. It was also interesting to see how the processes in another country and workplace here.

I think with Capita I got a very good place, because I have nothing to complain about. There has always been great, funny and I was able to pick the work myself for the most part.

Belfast is a beautiful city, but there are also things that are not good like the public transport, the grocery stores or prices while shopping. But of course there are also good things to Belfast, as the clean city or the friendly people here.

These two months has paid off. Two months are enough to get an impression of a different workplace and a different city. Longer it should not have been.

Today the flight back to Germany. The bus went at nine o’clock from Belfast to Dublin. We may just spend 4 hours at the airport until our plane takes off. So that we all hopefully arrive at 18 o’clock safely in Germany and our families and friends will pick up us.

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