Memories #4

So far the story went on a bit long but nevertheless a lot just happened 🙂

Lets head to the last part of this long story shell we? 😀So as you guys know I was able to recieve a new pair of trousers and yeah their nice, I like them a lot! For Sunday I was just laying in bed because of the long walk the day before I was even able to move the water in my knee around and yes it doesn’t only sound painful and ugly it is like that!

So Sunday was more like chilling out and watch Animes as like on Monday with a little difference…I had a load of Twinkies and a 16′ Pizza at the evening but look for yourself!


And as you can see yes I was rude and took a whole package and guess what?! I don’t give a damn even when an employee looks at me in a strange way :D:D:D

Here’s another one from the night of our day off as I said having Pizza and Animes = Awesome combination 😉

Watching Hundred

So far so good I will leave another post about what happened at monday too but it is kind of different so I won’t put all that content in here


Stay tuned!!!

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